Here's a Brand New Way To Get Workout Ideas

Let me share with you a scenario.

You finally find some time in your day to sit down and plan tomorrow's workout. You get your notepad or your laptop out and get a blank page ready. Then...


No ideas come to mind. The page just stares back at you... blankly (pun intended).

An idea comes to mind. Nope. You did that one last week. What about that other idea? Nope, you did that one a few weeks ago too.

20 minutes later you find yourself flicking through Facebook or checking your email and the workout still isn't done. Begrudgingly, you turn back to your blank page to try and will a new workout into creation.

Does that sound familiar? It was certainly my reality as I tried to come up with three or more fresh workout ideas each week.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

What if when you sat down to plan your workout all you would need to know is what type of workout you want your clients to do?

Imagine with a click of a button being able to browse dozens of group fitness Strength workouts. Or HIT workouts. Or Bodyweight workouts. All designed to work with a range of fitness levels.

Then once you've picked your workout, with a few more clicks you can find a new warm up to use too.

A couple of copy and paste's later and your planning is done leaving you to get back to the other important things in your life.

That sounds pretty nice right? It's what I always wanted when planning sessions.

So over the past 6 months, I made it for you.

Introducing: BootCraft.

Kyle Wood

Founder of Bootcamp Ideas​ & Creator of BootCraft

Why Does BootCraft Exist?

Five years ago I started a website called Bootcamp Ideas. A website to share great bootcamp workouts with the world.

Since then it's grown into a community of tens of thousands of trainers from every corner of the globe with hundreds of workout drills published.

There is one thing that has always bugged me about it though. After I post a workout, it eventually disappears into the archives of the site never to be seen again. That's the nature of a blog like Bootcamp Ideas.

So I created some ebooks of these lost workouts so that trainers could download a copy of them all to refer to. The problem with that though is that ebooks quickly fall out of date and require a lot of work to update them.

What we really needed was a searchable database that we could put awesome ideas in . One that was accessible online, all of the time that we could keep adding new workouts to.

That's were the original idea for BootCraft came from. A search engine for just the best workout ideas.

Now trainers can have access to a constantly growing database of workouts. We do the work testing, timing and perfecting them so all you have to do is pick which one you will use at your session tomorrow.

No more hunting through YouTube or digging through blog archives or staring at blank sheets of paper trying to find ideas.

With BootCraft you get on-demand workout ideas, whenever you need them.

It Works In 3 Easy Steps

I've designed BootCraft to be simple and intuitive to use.

With a click of a few buttons you can get yourself a new workout, warm up or finisher.​


Select What Kind Of Workout You Are Looking For


Choose From The Results


And Your Done!


To keep BootCraft high quality each workout features:

Rigorous Testing

Friendly For All Fitness Levels

Clear Explanations

Videos When Needed

You also get:

  • 24 hour access. Workout ideas when you need them.
  • Dozens of new ideas including:
  • Warm Ups
  • Games
  • Team Challenges
  • Circuits
  • Finishers
  • Partner Drills
  • Indoor Friendly
  • 12 new ideas added each month!
  • Founders enjoy 2 new ideas a day from now until December 31, 2015.
  • Future updates (coaching tutorials, favouriting workouts, multi-device access)

Founding Membership

Joining is really easy and you can cancel at any time.

From now until the end of December 2015, when you join you get the special founders rate!

Once you join at this rate you keep getting it for as long as you stay a member.

BootCraft is in it's early days and I really want to thank everyone who supports us in with a special 6 weeks as we fill the database up with a healthy stockpile of workouts. We are at 85 drills and counting.

Choose from annual or monthly below to sign up and I'll see you in there!


Unlimited access as long as you stay a member.

  • Dozens of workouts.
  • Search and filter database.
  • On demand. Workout ideas when you need them.
  • Save hours coming up with new ideas.
  • Access to weekly updates.

A$14.99 / month

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Pay monthly.

Unlimited access as long as you stay a member.

  • Dozens of workouts.
  • Search and filter database.
  • On demand. Workout ideas when you need them.
  • Save hours coming up with new ideas.
  • Access to weekly updates.

A$10 / month



Pay yearly and save.

Unlimited access as long as you stay a member.

  • Dozens of workouts.
  • Search and filter database.
  • On demand. Workout ideas when you need them.
  • Save hours coming up with new ideas.
  • Access to weekly updates.

A$8 / month

(A$96 paid annually)

Trainers Are Talking

Check out what members are saying!

Tegan Buchanan Founder and Owner of Bodyhype Health & Fitness

I joined Bootcraft because I was sick and tired of doing the same workouts over and over again. And always leaving things to the last minute and googling workouts late at night on my phone before bed.

If I as the trainer was getting bored then surely my clients were too.

Now, I actually look forward to planning my workouts because I know it's not going to be a big painful task! I know I can sit down with BootCraft open and plan the whole weeks (or months) worth of workouts.

I save so much time I actually get to enjoy the life a trainer should have!

Plus, I love anything with ropes and tyres! They are something I've just introduced to my clients and they keep asking if we can "do the tyre workout again!"​

Kim Waters Owner of KPT

I joined BootCraft because I had been to a workshop that Kyle ran in Melbourne and found it really beneficial. I got a lot out of it, both in terms of drills and ideas for formatting my sessions, but also met some great people and have even stayed in touch with a few. It’s a great way to get ideas when I’m stuck and keeps my sessions fresh and not boring for my clients.

BootCraft has given me structure!

I was just starting out with group sessions and wasn’t really getting my campers to play games, more just getting straight into the session, which isn’t as fun!

It has taught me to start with a warm up, play a game, do the workout and then cool down. Most of my sessions are now run to this format.

My clients always tell me they enjoy my workouts and love that I always do new things – this is pretty much thanks to BootCraft haha! :)

Read more trainer reviews here.


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A$10 / month



Pay yearly and save.

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