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Tegan Buchanan Founder and Owner of Bodyhype Health & Fitness

I joined Bootcraft because I was sick and tired of doing the same workouts over and over again. And always leaving things to the last minute and googling workouts late at night on my phone before bed.

If I as the trainer was getting bored then surely my clients were too.

Now, I actually look forward to planning my workouts because I know it's not going to be a big painful task! I know I can sit down with BootCraft open and plan the whole weeks (or months) worth of workouts.

I save so much time I actually get to enjoy the life a trainer should have!

Plus, I love anything with ropes and tyres! They are something I've just introduced to my clients and they keep asking if we can "do the tyre workout again!"


Nicola Lait Owner of Nicola Lait Fitness

I decided to join BootCraft as I really liked the idea of being able to search workouts using set criteria.

I run a 30 minute bootcamp so it has been especially useful to be able to search on drill length instead of trawling through lots of workouts to find one that fits.

Having just started in the industry it's great to have really thought-out workouts at my fingertips so that I don't have to worry about programming and can concentrate on building my business and giving my clients the support they need.

The first workout I used from BootCraft was the One Arm DB and it went down really well. My clients loved it and it ran perfectly to time. There were some exercises in there too that I hadn't done with a dumbbell before (like the stir the pot) so those will be added to my repertoire!


Kim Waters Owner of KPT

I joined BootCraft because I had been to a workshop that Kyle ran in Melbourne and found it really beneficial. I got a lot out of it, both in terms of drills and ideas for formatting my sessions, but also met some great people and have even stayed in touch with a few. It’s a great way to get ideas when I’m stuck and keeps my sessions fresh and not boring for my clients.

BootCraft has given me structure!

I was just starting out with group sessions and wasn’t really getting my campers to play games, more just getting straight into the session, which isn’t as fun!

It has taught me to start with a warm up, play a game, do the workout and then cool down. Most of my sessions are now run to this format.

My clients always tell me they enjoy my workouts and love that I always do new things – this is pretty much thanks to BootCraft haha! :)


Deon BirdHead Trainer of AIYA FIT Club

I joined BootCraft because it's a low cost option that provides more than enough ideas that you can mix 'n' match all in one place!

It's provided inspiration - which is generally what I struggle with. It also allows me to plan in advance - by spending some time on BootCraft I can plan workouts 2 or 3 weeks in advance.

Recently we did the Battle Circuits workout.

I didn't use a timekeeper station we went with a set time for each rotation. Three stations working at once is awesome, everyone working hard! My clients loved it!

AIYA Fit Club/Facebook


Danielle Conn Owner of Creative Cardio

I joined BootCraft because I was tired of planning my sessions the night before.

I’m finding it’s just so easy to find exactly the workout you want - the search functionality is fantastic!

One drill I've tried was the Choose Your Own Boxing Workout, we tried it last Friday and my clients absolutely loved it!


Laura Detmar Owner of I am Beautiful Bootcamp

I decided to join BootCraft because I already have many of the Bootcamp Ideas manuals and love them. I use these manuals frequently to plan my workouts for my boot camp weeks in advance.

However, it can be tedious to find specific type of workouts since I rotate the type of workouts in my boot camp, mixing up running, strength, circuit training, etc. I have to write down the file name and page number of where I found that workout for that day. The database feature of BootCraft appeared that it would take the tedious part planning my workouts (searching for the specific type of workout) and simplify it even more.

It has. It's cut down on the planning time by putting amazing workouts at my fingertips at the click of button. Being able to filter search results on the type of workout (e.g., running, strength, etc.) has made it so that I can plan awesome workouts in a matter of minutes.

Recently, we used the 3-Drills Circuit. It was a good 45-min circuit that my clients loved for it's simplicity, but intensity.


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